Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We saw five giant heads!

We spent last weekend with my family up in South Dakota. What is in South Dakota you might ask? Well lots of stuff! We even ran out of time and couldn't get around to everything. Have fun looking at our pictures.

We started out in Bear Country where we got up close and personal with some very cool animals. We saw the most adorable bear cubs and even had a few bears get right up next to our car. It was one of my favorite places.

Love him

Brown Bear next to the car



Cutest bear cubs!

We then headed to Mt. Rushmore where we saw four giant heads of Gearge Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. This was truly amazing and I would recommend seeing it at least once in your life.
My cute parents.

We decided to see one more giant head and go see Crazy Horse. This was truly amazing and it made Mt. Rushmore look like an ant hill commpared the size of Crazy Horse. I am interested to see what this looks like in ten years. The theory is that we will not see it finished in our life time. This is also a must see!
This is a sculpture of what it will look like when it is done.

Along with these amazing sites we also saw some really cute towns like Sturgis, Keystone, and Deadwood. We also got to experience some scenery you won't see anywhere else in the world. Believe it or not South Dakota is absolutely breathtaking! It was not what any of us were expecting.


smith said...

congrats on the new job!! you guys are always doing something fun.

Anonymous said...

My Mom and Scott just took Parker over Memorial Day to see all of this fun stuff! It looks amazing, they are now in love with S. Dakota and want to take everyone back. YOu look awesome!
p.s. a shower post is coming soon! . . . i'm a little behind!