Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A new job!

As I said in my previous post, I have a new job. I will be teaching Kindergarten at Academy Park Elementary in Granite School District! I can not even express how excited I am! I got hired fairly fast considering the economy and for that, me and AE are so grateful! We feel that our prayers have been answered and that Academy Park is where I need to be.

The school I will be working at is low income and 50% is minority. As some of you may know, this i exactly what I wanted in a job. I know this will be a huge challenge but I am more than ready for it. It is amazing how everything fell into place. Everyone kept telling me that I would be placed exactly where I was needed and that "it will happen how it is supposed to" and that is exactly how I feel. For documenting purposes here is the full story (read if you want, I don't expect you to). This is for memory sake because I don't want to forget any details.

I had applied to five different districts but no one was opening any positions. I saw that Granite District had opened a few positions so I figured it would not hurt to apply. I wasn't feeling very good about these applications but I really needed a job. Well a few weeks went by and I had not heard anything from anyone so I started getting really discouraged. About half of my cohort had gotten jobs at this point and that made me feel even more terrible.

One night I was waiting for a phone call and when I went to get my phone I noticed a had a weird number and a voicemail waiting for me. As a I listened to the message I couldn't help from screaming! It was the principal at Academy Park telling me she had heard great things about me and that she wanted to meet with me. I called her the next day and we set up a time to meet a couple days later. (Keep in mind, this was NOT one of the schools I had applied to)

I went in for my interview and felt it went really well. I felt really comfortable around the other Kindergarten teacher and the principal and felt the school would be a good fit for me. The principal told me she was impressed with me but she still had to interview transfer teachers. she sent me on my way telling me I would hear by Tuesday at the latest no matter what the outcome was. (This was on a Thursday)

Tuesday rolled around and I never heard anything. As you can imagine I was so discouraged and figured I had not gotten the job. I of course started looking into other options. Wednesday night I got an e-mail from the Principal at the school that I student taught at telling me that she had been contacted that day by the principal at Academy Park asking about me. By this point I was so confused and figured that maybe things were just taking a bit longer than she expected.

So Thursday morning I got a phone call personally from the principal telling me that she had referred me for the job and that I should hear from HR by friday. On Friday at 4:58 (HR closes at 5:00) I was contacted and offered the job! I was extatic and went and signed my paper work a few days later!

I am replacing a retiring teacher who is leaving me EVERYTHING!! I could not be happier about this situation. I am going this week to start setting everything up and to get my supply order ready. Its starting to feel real and I can't wait to have my own classroom! Thank you to everyone for your support during this stressful time.

p.s. On a side note: To become a teacher you have to take a few tests and while this whole process was going on I was also waiting for the results from my Praxis II test. I found out two days before I got the job that I had passed which made that week one of the best of my life! Needless to say I am happy to have all of this out of the way!


Aaron, Heather, and Nora said...

Congratulations Cassidy! I am so excited for you, but hope when Nora starts Kindergarten you will come teach wherever we're living! And I was just talking to my sister today about buying the 30 Day Shred DVD. Thanks for the recommendation, I really need some variety to keep me motivated. Let's do dinner soon and catch up!

Bryan and Allie said...

Congrats again Cass! I am sooo excited for you. You will be a blessing to each of the children you teach!

Ash and Matt said...

Congratulations, Cass! What a relief to have a job all lined up. You'll be an amazing teacher!

Ben said...

Congratulations! That job in Granite District will look really good on your resume for when you transfer to Chicago.