Monday, May 31, 2010

A new me.

I have created a new me and I am more than happy about it.

At the end of April I finished my student teaching. After all the stress had died down and after I was feeling relief from being done I started to notice something about myself. I was extremely lethargic, was not fitting into any of my clothes, my face was suddenly looking very fat, I looked terrible in a swimsuit and I was eating way too much. I realized that I needed to do something about it and fast.

During my student teaching, my Kindergarten site teacher gave me a video called the "Thirty Day Shred" by Jillian Micheals (the trainer off of the biggest loser). I figured I would try this because the workouts are only twenty minutes and I figured I could easily do that. So I started the second week of may and I was so sore after the first day that I didn't think I would be able to do it anymore but I continued. I was shocked when I noticed just after two weeks that I had lost five pounds and had lost almost a pant size. I love seeing results like that.

I have continued with it and am now doing the harder workouts. I can now do up pants that I haven't worn since before I was married (I would never wear them out in public because my fat is bulging over, but I can do them up) and my love handles have been diminished to almost nothing. I am almost down ten pounds and I have added running in with my workouts three days a week. I am going on my fourth week and I am amazed that I have already seen these results. The best part is that I am looking better in a swimsuit (thank goodness for that haha).

I hate working out but when I know that I am getting results and I have way more energy than I have had in a long time, I push through it and I am learning to love it. My goal is to do the workouts until I start my new job in August (more on that later) and then I will just continue to run to keep me at a healthy weight.

Go buy the Thirty Day Shred if you want a fast, effective workout. You will not regret it.*

* I should get money for promoting her. So many people have started this workout because they have seen the results I have had.


Bryan and Allie said...

Congrats girl! Keep up the good work!

Celeste Miller said...

You go girl! Thats awesome!

Jenn said...

Hey! This is Jennifer Lyday from class at the U last summer, congrats on those great results you've seen! I've done the shred here and there but the soreness gets really discouraging so thanks for your post! You have totally motivated me to do it regularly and to keep it up! Thank you!!

Zach and Alyson said...

Woo go Cassidy! That's awesome!

Ash and Matt said...

That's awesome, Cass! Way to go! That 30-day shred is killer. We usually only pop it in if it's too late to go to the gym, but you may have just inspired me to do the whole 30 days :-)

Beki Jo said...

You should get money for promoting the DVD! I've been looking for a good workout to start and I think I'm going to try this out. Thanks!