Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I had a birthday..... wahoo!

This post is super late but I turned 22 on February 5th. I am posting about this more to thank the people in my life than to talk about my birthday. I was truly spoiled this year. On my actual birthday I went to lunch with my mom and Brother and then went shopping with my mom. Later that night Ansley spoiled me with dinner and then Taeler joined us later for dessert and greys anatomy (is anyone else bugged about this show? I swear if Addison and Derick get back together I will boycott this show!) Anyway, the next day my dad took me to lunch because he couldn't join us the day before. I have never been so full and I have never felt so loved.
On friday AE told me he wanted to get me the entertainment center I have been wanting so we went on a search for it! We ended up getting a perfect one for half off at Circuit City! I also got a side table from my parents to match the console table I got for Christmas. I love having new furniture to call my own rather than having hand me downs.
Anyway, thank you to the best family anyone could ask for and to my wonderful husband who spoils me daily! Thank you to my wonderful friends that remembered my birthday! I couldn't ask for better people in my life.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! P.S. I am bugged by Grey's Anatomy too. . . if Derek and Addison get back together I will be tick. And I don't want to see Kalli kiss anymore girls. . . nasty!

Shonee and Aaron said...

I like how you decorate it's cute. I am glad you had a great b-day. -shonee