Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to my hot husband.

This post is a little late because this semester is super busy but I had to post a happy birthday to the man I love! He turned 26 this year and he really got spoiled! I love you honey.
26 things I love about AE:
1. He works so hard to support us and also goes to school.
2. He communicates with me really well and nothing ever goes unsolved
3. I love that he is a handy man
4. He loves children so much and anytime his cousin Addison is around he can't get enough of her ( she is 10 months old). He is going to be the best dad ever!
5. On our wedding day he cried more than I did. I loved that he let his soft side show in front of people.
6. He holds my hand and kisses me in public even though he despises it.
7. AE can talk to anyone and people love him.
8. When AE tells stories he goes into a lot of detail. It is so cute cause his stories take an hour longer then they really need to.
9. He really only wants me to be happy and would do anything even when it drives him nuts!

10. He is an amazing driver especially in the snow.
11. AE is very paranoid about finances and is super frugal.
12. He loves music.
13. He is a super easy person to shop for because he likes everything.
14. Ae is very appreciative
15. He can't sleep unless I am in bed.
16. Ae is always worried about me.
17. Ae finds the most joy in the smallest things
18. He always tells me his honest opinion of everything.
19. He will kill me for posting this one but he gets emotional over tv shos and movies.
20. I love that he cooks when I don't feel like it.
21. He always tells me how beautiful he thinks I am.
22. He would kill for the women in his life.
23. He loves my family
24. He would rather it just be the two of us than a whole group of people
25. He always feels bad for getting mad at me.
26. And last but not least, After almost three years of marriage I can tell that he loves me more than anything in his life!

I love you A. I am glad you were born!

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