Friday, March 20, 2009

My dog is way cuter than your dog!

We decided to get a dog although some people probably think a baby would have been more exciting!

Her name is Bella (no not because of Twilight but because I always wanted a daughter named Isabella but AE would not got for that so he settled for a dog with that name) and she is a Black Lab! She is almost ten weeks old and so cute! She is tiny and will only get to 40 or 50 pounds. She won us over especially AE. She just looks at you with those little eyes and you fall in love. She is also super smart. She is already house broken and goes to the front door when she needs to go to the bathroom and sits when given a treat. ( I like to tell people that I am just an amazing trainer but really she is smart). We love her and we are so glad to have her as our dog!
Here she is. Don't let those eyes fool you, she is super sneaky and can be a stinker but we love her!


Shonee and Aaron said...

oohhh she is darling. You guys made a good choice she is very cute. -shonee

Aaron, Heather, and Nora said...

your puppy is adorable! and yes we did get a new couch, we sold the others to my sisters who moved out two weekends ago and upgraded to red...i think it is much more our style. hope life is great for you guys!

Dave, Cadance and Family said...

She is a cute puppy!!!

Tiffani said...

she is sooo cute! our lab is named bella as well but she's not as obedient as yours. What's the trick?