Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am sorry Ellie.

First of three posts in one day. I think that may be some record for me.

I feel bad for my post below... It is super negative and that is not me. I have loved every minute of being pregnant and wouldn't trade where I am at right now for anything. I was just frustrated and at the end of my rope. I was super selfish and wanted her here for us. A couple more days won't kill us and will definitely make her stronger.

I went and had my stress test done and all my frustration went away. Our little girl is so "perfect" as the tech kept calling her and she looked so content. She is healthy and thriving and that is all I want in the end (I would still love her more than ever even if she wasn't). I was really humbled with the way I acted and almost apologized to my sweet baby. She obviously knows that being in there is safer right now and a couple more days will only make her stronger. I know that when she finally does get here it will be well worth the wait.

So everything looks great with me and with her and now we play the waiting game till Monday. I have a feeling that her entrance will be anything but boring. Stay tuned.

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l.k. said...

um... try hearing the words "zero centimeters" over and over! anyway, i just love you tons and know that things will go beautifully for you. p.s. if you are bored, you can come visit me in draper, even though it is further away. love ya.