Tuesday, August 30, 2011

7 Days

What do you do when you are a week till your due date, nesting like crazy and not progressing for the last four weeks?

Me? I teach 67 Kindergartners. I lost two today because I have so many and pretty much five year olds have a hard time listening. Don't worry we did find them but its exhausting to say the least. Apparently they are planning to get another Kindergarten teacher after I leave but everything will change while I am gone. It should all be very interesting. I told my Principal that I am ready to have 30 needles shoved in my back.

I went to the doctor today and he said next week we will talk about induction but that he won't induce me until I am AT LEAST a week over... I am okay with this because I really want her to come on her own but seriously....I want this child here so bad. He was going to strip my membranes but I am not progressed enough and he said I would be in so much pain I would probably leave crying. So he can't even help things along. Any tips on how to put yourself in labor would be greatly appreciated.


Tootsie & Bubba said...

You can try raspberry tea. It helped me progress and helps the bleeding stop sooner after delivery. But she will just come when she is ready. Enjoy the last week! Go get ice cream and a pedicure. (Pedicures can also help to induce labor) I'm so excited for you!


I know this is TMI but having relations seemed to work. Lots and lots of people go over don't worry she'll be here and some nights you may want her to go back. Can't wait to see the pics.

Anonymous said...

I thought I would find a post from you this morning :)
I tried everything nothing worked for me, relations, walking, hot wings, foot rubs, sitting on one of those huge balls. I didn't try cod liver oil... but I heard that can help, yucky. I can't wait to see her cuteness!

Shaylynn;) said...

Cass! I stumbled across your blog, and your sister told me last month you were due soon, congrats!

Hope all is well, good luck with that little love bug.

Miss Bear said...

Supposedly there is a pizza at the Trio that is known to induce labor!! :) If you want to try that, at least you get a yummy pizza out of it!

I never got to more than a 1 with little man, but since we did a c-section I never worried about it!