Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This post is really late but hey, better late than never right. I went to the midnight showing of Eclipse with my sister Taeler, sister in law Katie, and soon to be sister in law Ashlee. Sisters are the best and I am so glad they share my love for Twilight. We went to a theater that did not have assigned seating so we showed up three hours early to make sure we got good seats. These are pictures of us waiting for the movie to start. Enjoy our craziness. Sisters.

Love her!
The craziness starts...
Funny faces:

Mustache/Beard faces:

(I am pretty sure we laughed for twenty minutes at Katie's beard face. I think she won for best mustache/beard.)
Oh by the way.... I loved this movie the most! I will admit I am obsessed and can't wait for the last two to come out. I love the twilight series! I am also so excited for Harry Potter to come out in November. I will be attending that midnight showing as well.

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