Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Bird.

I saved a baby birds life today. It was a baby Quail.... I think Quail are ugly but they are dang cute when they are babies.
I think God makes all baby things cute so that we will want to love them and that is why I could not let this baby Quail die.
It broke my heart.
AE thought I was crazy for calling around to find out how to save this poor birds life. He just stood there when I jumped in the car and told him I would be right back.
The bird is now safe and warming up (did you know that a baby bird has to have a body temp. of 100 degrees to live? Yeah, me niether.).
That was my good deed for the day. I think it was a pretty good one.

(See I told you baby Quail are cute!)

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Tori said...

I wish you wouldn't have told me about the sweet tooth fairy in Salt Lake! I am predicting a 20-30 pound weight gain! haha Thanks girl :) And I'll look for you while making my weekly visits there!