Thursday, July 30, 2009

So I cut my hair....and I love it!

I decided to cut my hair. I was getting sick of it long and I always love it short so here is a picture of my new hair. I feel very sassy with this new cut. ha ha.

Also the other picture is of what Bella does anytime you are on the floor. She thinks she is a lap dog. Silly Lab! And yes that is AE installing our new dishwasher! We had a little more money than we thought saved so we bought one and it is amazing. ha ha


Bryan and Allie said...

I love the short hair Cass! You're just gorgeous no matter what though! See you soon! :)

Celeste Miller said...

Sassy! I love the cut! Its so cute!

Candace and Allen said...

Your hair so sassy and adorable! It was good seeing you the other we can blog stalk :)