Monday, July 13, 2009

Fun in the Windy City

We had a blast in Chicago and everytime we visit a city a swear I was meant to be a city girl. I would live in Chicago in a heart beat. We loved every minute of our trip and it ended too soon.

This is AE's cousin and her husband that we stayed with. Thank you so much Ben and Lexi!! We had a blast and you guys were great hosts. Lexi you are the cutest 6 months prego I have ever seen. I can't wait to meet your little girl.

Every fourth of July Chicago does this great thing called "Taste of Chicago" You pay so much money and get to taste all these great food for pretty inexpenisve. It was amazing!

The picture of the city through a window is the view we saw all week through Ben and Lexi's place...Amazing I know.

We went to a Cub's game where thy won 9 - 5. It was an amazing experience and cubs fans are the best. I thought it was so cool that they still had the old score board where people actually sit up in it and physically change the score by hand. Wrigley field and Fenway park are the only baseball fields still like this (which is cool because those are the two greatest baseball teams :))

We did a session at the Chicago temple.

We watched fireworks on the third at Grant park and Over Lake Michigan on the fourth. Amazing fireworks. If you have never seen 1 million people in one sitting you should watch fireworks at grant park (where Obama gave his winning speech). It is an interesting experience.

Over all we ate great food! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the deep dish pizza we ate. If you are ever in Chicago you have to eat at Giordano's. They have the most amazing deep dish pizza and also the corner bakery where I ate a great salad. We saw lots of great buildings and saw some great people. The picture of us with the family is the Lambournes. We used to live by them and it was so good to see them. Their girls are so big and so adorable. Oh and does the third to last picture look familiar? That is where Batman drives his bullet bike in the Dark knight. That street was right by their place. Pretty cool.

We loved our trip and hope to go back soon! Again thank you Ben and Lexi for housing us for four days. We had a blast!



Too funny...we know Lexi from our old student ward. It was weird to see her on your blog. Small world.

Shonee and Aaron said...

First off, I like your hair long but it also looked really cute short. And wow you guys travel a lot that is so great.