Friday, June 19, 2009


This next post is about Juneau. Here we went and saw the Mendenhall glacier which was really cool. Juneau was not my favorite town....It was to comercalized and had a typical big city feel. Oh well it was still cool to see the glacier.

The picture with the Walmart in it has an interesting story. Our tour guide told us that 325 days out of the year this picture is impossible to get because of the fog but because the weather was so unusually warm(in Alask 80 degrees is considered a heat wave) it was very visible. Notice the people swimming in the chilling water ha ha I guess anything to get a tan right. This is the glacier and a water fall next to it.

The bear sign is what we saw while we were walking on a trail... I was disappointed that we didn't see a bear. AE about had a heart attack from excitment when he heard that a gun of Wyatt Earps was in the Red Dog Saloon. Anyone that knows AE knows how much he LOVES westerns and wishes he was a cowboy. Wyatt Earp was an old cowboy. The only way we could take pictures was to eat or drink something. Needless to say we bought two glasses of some of the most expensive and best rootbear on tap in our lives. I have never seen AE lay down money for something so fast. ha ha. It was cool and it made him happy. Juneau was cool but I don't think I would visit again. Oh and we saw the governors mansion....Smaller than a lot of houses in Utah.


Aaron, Heather, and Nora said...

Short note: My grandparents served a service mission in Ketchikan Alaska and loved it too so I am glad you enjoyed it! Also, I stopped by your work to see you (forgetting you were on a cruise) and was sad you weren't there. We need to have you over to dinner soon our new place! Give me a call sometime!

CoreyandShanda said...

I loved Alaska when we went on our cruise! It looks like you went on the same one! So much fun! I'm jealous you have had all these fun vacations...why not invite me next time! :)

Ben said...

Juneau? Yes, I do. Cool pix. Looking forward to having you guys come visit.