Friday, June 19, 2009

Alaska! and some of Canada...

So I am going to do this update in different posts because our picture total was around three hundred. I gave AE the camera the whole time and needless to say he went wild! ha ha but he did take amazing pictures and the main picture on our blog is one that he took. Oh and we were not prepared for the sunny eighty degree weather we had the whole time so I am pretty much wearing the same shorts in each picture. I don't care I was on vacation ha ha. These first pictures are from Ketchikan Alaska.
This is what we saw off the side of our boat. So cute! Ketchikan was one of our favorite places because it had such a fun small town feel to it. How would that be to have a house overlooking the ocean.... I would be in heaven.

Just some more picture of Ketchikan

In Alaska but mainly in Ketchikan there are totem poles EVERYWHERE. I have never seen AE so fascinated by something in my life. I could not pull him away from them. We even visited a totem pole heritage center with some of the oldest totem poles in the world! It was so cool.

We also visited an eagle sanctuary and a salmon fish hatchery. This was really cool to see how they hatched salmon and released them into the wild. The picture of me below is what AE calls my "black mail picture." If that's the worst it gets than I am ok with that haha.

We ate the most amazing fish and chips and coconut shrimp at this little place. It was hilarious because there were two little stands right next to eachother and one was way crowded and had a huge line while the other had no line at all... which would you choose?

We loved Ketchikan and would go back in a heart beat. Oh and we rode that little red tram to the top of a mountain which was so cool!

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