Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wow what a semester!

So we are back from Kauai and let me tell you.... It was a much, much, much needed vacation! 8 days in the warmth can really do justice to the most stressful semester of my life! I will post about our trip later and over the next few days I will catch this blog up but for now I have to tell you all about the semester I had cause it was eventful!

This semester was by far my most rewarding yet stressful semester yet. I took fifteen credit hours but it really felt like 30. I was constantly up until 2 in the morning most nights doing homework and planning lessons for my little preschoolers. There were many days I felt like giving up (especially in my math class which I barely passed) but yet I pushed myself to continue. Well it paid off and as of May 2009 I will be graduating with my bachelors degree from this lovely University and life couldn't be better! Oh and by the way, GO UTES in the Sugar Bowl!! 12 - 0 baby!

The reason this semester was so rewarding was because of my preschool class I taught (which I wasn't getting paid for but that didn't matter to me) and for my little girl that I tutored in reading. My little girl I tutored moved up two levels in the time I tutored her and now she doesn't need a tutor anymore. I cried when she got on level and I have never seen anyone so proud to be good at reading.

My little preschool class was the best. I worked with the most amazing teachers and met some of the cutest kids in my whole life. I would have taken most of them home with me.

Now I am on to my last semester and I can only hope it is as rewarding as this last one.

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CoreyandShanda said...

I'm so happy to be done too!! It will be a big relief for you to finish next semester...but then you just have more school with the!! :)