Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our awesome trip!

Here are pictures from our trip to Kauai. Since there are so many pictures I will let them do the talking instead of typing a huge long explanation! I hope you enjoy and I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas.

On the first day in Kauai we went to a grocery store called "Big Save." Well as you can see from the price of milk this was anything but a big save. I will never never complain about the price of milk in Utah EVER again.

The whole time we were in Kauai it rained. I think there were a total of two days that we didn't get rained on and the governor declared us in a disaster area. But it was still amazing! This is a picture of the condo below us. I am glad we were on the second floor.

My mom turned 50 while we were in Kauai so my dad had 50 roses sent to our condo. They died in a couple days because its not really the climate for roses but they were still beautiful!

This was the sign at these falls we went too. I guess a lot of people have died so they feel the need to warn everyone.

This is a picture of some amazing water falls. This is really two waterfalls but when it rains it turns into one big water fall. There have been many movies and tv shows filmed here.

Us at the above falls. All though it rained it was still warm enough to wear shorts.

This is a Monk Seal. They are extinct in Hawaii and the beach at our time share was the one they liked to lay on. They would lay on the beach days at a time and you can't get witihn 150 feet of them. Its crazy.

This is a thing called spouting horn! The water gets trapped under the corral reef and then blows out the holes. We saw sea turtles while we were here but they were a little camera shy.

Ansley, Taeler and I after buying some local stuff at a market at spouting horn.

In Kauai they have a glass beach. The whole beach is little pieces of glass. It was so pretty. Right next to glass beach is black sand beach. It was crazy that these were the only two beaches like this in all of Kauai.

The above pictures are of our resort. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The pictures don't do it justice.

This is our beach. Don't let this pictures deceive you. It may look sunny but the clouds changed very fast.

Our resort had hula dancers come and perform one night. They were so cute and the singer in the band had the most beautiful voice.

The snails were huge. We named this one smiley.

The flowers and colors in Hawaii are amazing. You just don't see stuff like this in Utah.

We saw some interestin animals in Kauai. At our resort there was a swan, a couple of cats and lots of chickens. In fact there are chickens EVERY WHERE in Kauai. We even saw them at the top of a canyon... how did they get up there? There were also lots of frogs and lizards. I think I saw more dead frogs than live ones though. This one in the picture had a broken leg. It was so sad.

Taeler, me and Nicole attempting to lay out. Yes we even did this in the rain.

Kauai is home to the oldest light house in the United States and one of the only churches with the original pane glass windows.

All the food and restaurants we ate at were amazing. I didn't have one bad meal the entire time! Dukes has the best seafood. Nicole I love your face in this picture! ha ha I think I caught everyone at the wrong time.


MerryPair said...

Hey! We just got home today from Hawaii too!

Shonnee and Aaron said...

Hey I am so jealous that you guys got to go Hawaii it sounds like you guys had fun.

Natalie said...

Oooooh, yeah! Ryan and I spent our honeymoon on Kauai--lots of those pictures look familiar. And I totally hear you about the rain, the chickens (it must be the state bird or something--they're EVERYWHERE---oh, and cats too), and DUKE's. Good times!