Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seven Random Facts

I was tagged and have to write about seven random facts about myself and I will also do AE because he has some interesting quirks so here goes....

1. I love love love to cook. When we were looking for our new place one of my requirements was that I had to have a bigger kitchen with a full size dishwasher. Well it still isn't as big as I would like but it is A LOT bigger than our old place. Infact one day my dream is to have a kitchen that is about half of our house...OH that would be nice. The thing I love most about cooking is making things easier and less time consuming. Our crock pot has become my new best friend.

2. I love sweets. If there is chocolate laying around I will eat it. I can't buy sweets or I end up eating them in one sitting. Its a miracle I don't weigh 500 pounds. I don't like cake though... weird I know. I think it is because I am not a frosting fan.

3. I always wonder if I am normal. When I go to the doctor I always end up asking if what I am there for is normal. It drives AE nuts! I swear sometimes it may seem like I am a hypocondriac.

4. I HATE clutter. Just ask my husband and Bev (haha remember that night bev). If we haven't used something in six months I throw it away. He hates it so bad and swears one day he will be looking for something and I will have thrown it out. Well it hasn't happened yet so things are looking up. I just hate haveing things around that are no use to us.

5. This next one may sound like I am bragging but this is just what I have heard about myself. I pick up on things fairly easy. I probably could have been an amazing skiier, swimmer, dancer,(etc). It takes me one time and then I pretty much have it down. Maybe if I wasn't so lazy, I could have been an olympic swimmer... hmmmm. One example of this is sewing. I sewed one thing and the rest is history.

6. I have to fall asleep facing away from AE and I have to be laying on my side. If not I am restless for hours. Also I can't sleep on my stomach because I feel like I am suffocating.

7. I refuse to buy anything that is not on sale. I will never pay full price for anything regardless if I need it or not.

Now for AE

1. AE is super frugal with money and it takes a lot of convincing to get him to buy things, mostly for himself.

2. He LOVES music. Ok loves is an understatement. I think the correct wording is obsessed. He has over 15,000 songs on his itunes (all of them don't fit on his IPOD). If you need music just ask AE. He has EVERYTHING.

3. Ae can go days without eating and it doesn't faze him. We joke that he is anorexic. No wonder he stays so thin. He claims he forgets to eat. I just don't understand how someone can forget that. haha

4. He has more clothes than I do. He keeps everything especially clothes. He still has clothes from highschool.

5. Along with Music he also LOVES movies especially westerns. He always says he wants to be a cowboy.

6. Ae has a way with getting along with people. Everyone I know loves AE and he can talk to anyone and everyone.

7. Ae is a super handy man. When we were remodeling our place, he pretty much did everything by himself. He is a plumber, electrician, carpenter all in one. He had a little help but hardly at all. I am happy that I will never have to pay to have things fixed!

I tag: Nicole, Allie, Shanda, Amanda L., Sheila

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Shonnee and Aaron said...

hey Cassidy how are you guys? I found your blog through the swensons blog. So did you guys move out of university apartments? Hope all is well. We are doing great.