Wednesday, September 17, 2008

100 things about me!

I saw this on a blog and thought it was fun so i hope you enjoy! Here are 100 things you may know or may not know about me.

1. I have a disease (no not a social disease). Its called a pylanital cyst and it is on my tail bone. The reason they call it a disease is because it never goes away.
2. I knew after four days that I was going to marry AE. I wasn't even thinking about marriage at the time.
3. I am terrified of needles.
4. I am terrified of spiders.
5. I am terrified of deep water.
6. I hate when things are dirty.
7. I am an excellent swimmer.
8. I danced for sixteen years.
9. Me and my best friend Candace have been friends since kindergarten.
10. I will graduate with a bachelors degree in may.
11. I will graduate the next year with a masters degree. I will only be 23.
12. I love to run when I have time and my goal is to run a marathon.
13. I have never broken a bone.
14. I am baby hungry.
15. I am scared to be a mom.
16. I have gotten my best grades ever in college.
17. I hated highschool.
18. I never want to move back to my home town (Kaysville)
19. I would love to live out of state or out of the country.
20. I love to cook and wish I had time to cook every night.
21. I was a nanny for two familes at the same time and both kids were two months apa
22. when I was a nanny I loved them as my own especially the little boy and I can't imagine loving my own kids that much.
23. I am excited to be a teacher.
24. I am also 100% scared out of my mind to be a teacher. I am afraid I won't know what I am doing even after all my schooling.
25. I want a dog but not just any dog. I want a lab corgie mix.
26. I ate dog crap when I was two. I thought it was a tootsie roll.. TMI
27. I never thought I got stressed until I was a nanny for two babies. Crying babies stress me out.
28. I am super sensitive but am getting better.
29. I love to sew.
30. Even though my car gives us lots of problems I really love my car.
31. I bought my car all by myself right out of highschool.
32. I was deeply depressed in 8th grade.
33. I hate when all the attention is on me.
34. I hate public speaking.
35. I get frustrated when I haven't spent money in a long time.
36. Me and AE were very blessed to marry each other. We are very good with communication and nothing ever goes un solved. We talk about EVERYTHING!
37. We have season tickets to the U of U.
38. My dad has had season tickets to the U ever since I can remember and I have been a fan ever since I was five.
39. I have never tasted alcohol.
40. I love the smell of smoke only at theme parks.
41. I have never been to a party with alcohol or drugs.
42. I love decorating and considered going into interior design.
43. I never buy anything unless it is on sale or the cheapest out of all the other items. I price EVERYTHING out.
44. I love school and wish I could go forever.
45. I have a fear I won't be able to get pregnant.
46. I also have a fear that our children will be ugly.
47. I have an excellent memory when it comes to peoples names. I remember someones name even if I haven't seen them in years. This makes for an interesting conversation when they don't remember mine.
48. I have a mental note of everything AE wants or wants to do and he is shocked when I remember one of them.
49. i love watching Christmas movies all year long.
50. My favorite holiday is Halloween.
51. My favorite season is fall.
52. I love wearing sweaters and when it even starts to get cold I get excited and put a sweater on.
53. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people wear their garments inappropriately or when they make excuses to not wear them at all.
54. I am LDS
55. Another pet peeve of mine is bad parenting. Ae has to always remind me that not everyone has had the schooling on parenting like I have.
56. My husband really has made me a better person.
57. I get bronchitus every year.
58. I have never had my blood drawn.
59. I don't have any idea what my blood type is.
60. I am totally for sex education and think Utah is stupid for not wanting it in their schools.
61. I totally believe people in my religion (especially in utah) make us look really bad and take our religion a little over board.
62. I have seven seasons of full house. I love that show.
63. I religiously watch the today show.
64. I think one of the biggest inconveniences in this world is construction.
65. I believe that the second biggest inconvenience is traffic which a lot of times is caused by construction.
66. I LOVE ice cream.
67. I am allergic to peanuts.
68. I make AE peanut butter sandwhiches for lunch even though the smell makes me want to vomit.
69. I can't drink carbonation or I get really bad stomach aches.
70. I love all types of food.
71. I have no particular style in the way I dress.
72. I love buying shoes.
73. I get very car sick.
74. I hate most reality tv. There are exceptions ie: americas next top model, American idol, so you think you can dance, the biggest loser. Pretty much all the wholesome ones.
75. I wonder what people think when they see me.
76. I hate clutter and get rid of things if I haven't used it in six months taking into consideration seasons.
77. Where we are moving has a pool.
78. I rarely like being alone.
79. I work at a jewelry store.
80. The diamond in my wedding ring is inherited.
81. You will never find me voting for a president based on religion, party, or race and yes there are things about Obama that I like.
82. I still don't know who I am voting for in these elections. I think we should start over.
83. I get along better with guys and have very few girl friends. I have about three close girl friends and I am ok with that.
84. So far one of my most favorite places I have ever vacationed is Washington state.
85. My husband is mr. handy
86. I was blessed with great in laws.
87. I love to paint.
88. I never understood math until I got to college.
89. I only argue when I know I am right.
90. I love soy beans.
91. We have a pet fish named fish and he gets excited when people talk to him.
92. I love crunching leaves when they change color and fall of the trees.
93. One of my dreams is to own my own preschool.
94. I am great at spelling and you will hardly ever find me spelling a word wrong even when it comes to the different spelling of the same word (there, their). My friend Bev used to call me all the time or ask me all the time how to spell words because she knew I would probably know. The funny thing about this is, I used to be horrible at spelling in elementary!
95. I have never been able to hold a grudge and usually if something goes wrong i try and make the best of a bad situation.
96. I am growing my hair out.
97. I have red in my natural hair color.
98. I was blessed with a really good family.
99. I am one fourth Italian
100. I am greatful that my husband puts up with me and I love him for who he is and I love him more and more every day.


Alison said...

Hey Cassidy. I think I stumbled across your blog a long time ago and now (since you mentioned blogging yesterday) I found it again. Love the new look!

Anonymous said...

I love the 100 things, I hope I am included in #83, I love cruching leaves too and I helped name fish!. . . after my early fish also named fish. .

Cassidy and AE Harris said...

Of course that is you I am talking about in number 83. You know I love ya bev!

Bryan and Allie said...

I bet that took a long time to write! It was fun to learn some new facts though. :) That would be SWEET if you could get us some BYU/UofU tickets. We had a friend already try, and said you can only buy 1 ticket per student ID. Let me know if you have more info though. I'm soooo excited for Tuesday!!:)

Brittani said...

Ansley was telling me about the yucky spiders in your new home!! I'm scared for you!