Friday, October 4, 2013

Ellie at two.

Ellie turned two on September 12th. I am still trying to get over the fact that I no longer have a baby. Ellie is everything and more that I ever dreamed of. She has a way about her that makes people fall head over hills instantly. 
At two Ellie:
*talks non stop. And her vocabulary is off the charts. She has the best memory and I am always amazed at what she picks up on.
*she loves to dance and sing. I once was told that happy children sing all the time. I am guessing Ellie must be extremely happy then.
* she is starting to love all different types of food again. Her favorites are but are not limited to: cheese, cereal, any liquid, candy, cookies, chocolate, suckers, really anything sugary, breads, Mac and cheese, French fries. Really the list goes on and on.
* Ellie is very much a girly girl and loves all things girly. She insists that all of her clothes are cute. 
* at the moment she is obsessed with trains, Minnie Mouse, purses, keys, cell phones, dress ups and reading books.
* she is still off the charts for height and weight and is currently wearing some 3t clothing.

We seriously can't get enough of her and we are kind of obsessed. We are okay with that though.

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