Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ellie as of late.

Ellie is growing so much and is getting so fun. She is talking like crazy and becoming quite the little diva. Her hair is also getting really long and I am having so much fun doing cute hair dos. Anyway, at 18 months Ellie is: *running to get everywhere. *loves animals and goes crazy anytime we see any form of animal. *talks like crazy. She now says: grandma,grandpa,hot,"here you go",daddy,mommy,3 go,more,tickle tickle,eye,nose,Bella,night night,roll it,amen,hi,uh oh,no (says this to everything). She makes animal noises for cat,dog,cow,lion. *she is turning into such a girly girl and loves purses,jewelry,cell phones,shoes. *still loves everyone. *can sign words: more,please,thank you,and beautiful. She also folds her arms when we say we are going to pray. *blows her nose. She actually blows and will get us tissue if we ask. *loves to help us vacuum and clean up. *becoming a picky eater. Not a fan of meat but will eat anything involving bread. She loves fruits and vegetables especially tomatoes. Like her mom she LOVES sweets. *still such a binky and blanket baby.

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