Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our baby turned one!

Ellie Grace turned one today. We are still in shock that we have a one year old. she is getting so big and has all of a sudden turned into a toddler. We love this little girl so much it is crazy! On her birthday we got together with immediate family. She shares a birthday with her uncle Shawn so it was fun to celebrate his 40th as well.

At one year Ellie:
  • Walks around things like crazy and can sometimes stand on her own.  She seems very unsure of the whole walking thing though.
  • Says: Mama, Dada, ow, hi, hello, tickle tickle (not even kidding and it is so dang cute), uh oh when she drops something, OOHHH, moo like a cow.
  •  shakes her head no, waves bye, blows kisses, gives kisses, crawls over and climbs up on our legs,  gives high fives, gives hugs, feeds the dog, makes many many noises with her tongue and trys to mimic everything we do.  She also raises her hands above her head when we say so big.
  • Is getting a preference when it comes to foods she likes.  Her favorites are: Bread (any), cereal, fruit snacks, vegetables, any fruit, ravioli.  She doesn't like:  Mac N cheese, eggs, and deli meat.  LOVES LOVES LOVES milk.
  • Loves reading books.  She loves to sit for hours and flip the pages.
  • Loves Sesame Street and the Backyardagnes. 
  • Loves music and always dances when a song comes on.
  • Is no longer taking a bottle.  Didn't even phase her when we took it away.
  • LOVES her pink and white blanket.  She is also still a binky baby.
  • Still a big girl although she is thining out.  She was in the 90th for everything at her last appointment.

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