Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Month.

Today you are one month old. Right now you are sick with a cold that you caught from your dad and I. We just can't help kissing you and it has created problems. Even though you are sick you are still your happy content self and we stll can't get enough of you. We still can't believe you are ours and are constantly telling you, eachother, and anyone that will listen how amazing you are. You are the most loved baby we have ever seen and everyone wants to love on you.
Some things about you this month include:
  • Starting to smile at mom and dad.
  • Making eye contact with people and things.
  • You make the cutest sounds when you sleep.
  • Almost sleeping through the night. You have done this a couple times.
  • You love to cuddle with mom and dad in bed.
  • You are now wearing 0-3 month clothing. You now weigh over ten pounds.
  • Still really good at nursing. You transition from bottle to mom really well.
  • You spit up A LOT. We are working on getting this under control.
  • You love to lay on your play mat and talk and kick your legs.
  • LOVE binkies.
  • Starting to love baths.
  • Love watching what is going on in your surroundings.
We think you are pretty amazing and can't believe how fast you are growing.
We love you little lamb.
Love mom

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thebartonblog said...

Oh my gosh she looks SO MUCH like A.E.!!