Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time for an Update

So I realized that it has been almost two months since I updated and I am pretty sure that is the longest I have ever gone. Here is a little glimpse at what is going on in our lives:

AE - he is finally working a normal 9-5 schedule and is really happy with his new work and school life. He just got promoted at work so we are super happy about that and we tend to see each other a lot more these days which is always great. We just paid off his truck and it feels wonderful to have no car payments.

Cassidy - I am currently student teaching at Granite Elementary school in a Kindergarten and First Grade classroom. I am loving teaching more than I thought I ever would. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, especially to the little ones, but I know now that this is what I am supposed to be doing. My site teachers are great and often let me take over their classes for the whole day. I am pretty sure my teaching niche is in first grade and I have already gotten attached to my kids. They are just so dange cute! I am still working one day a week at the jewelry store but other than that my life consists of student teaching and taking 18 credits at the U to get my license. Oh and I received my diploma in the mail the other still doesn't feel real to be graduated from college but it feels so good at the same time.

as far as our lives go that is pretty much it. I do however know four people that are having babies (its actually more than that but these are the ones that are closest or have already had theirs) It is so fun to be around babies and to get my baby fix with their cute faces. Enjoy!

This is my friend Emily who is due in about three weeks. She is tiny for being almost nine months along. I am so happy for you em and your little girl is going to be so cute!

This is my cute sister in law Nicole. Again a small pregnant person. I guarantee I will not be as small as these two girls! She is due in two weeks and I am so excited for her and my brother to FINALLY make me an aunt! This picture cracks me up because I am smiling so proud and she is not even here yet!

This is a picture of my cute cousin Emily who is due with her third child a day after my sister in law. They have a little girl and boy already so they aren't finding out the sex of this child. I think she is having a girl and have from the beginning. They currently live in South Carolina but are coming back to have their baby! So excited. She is tiny too. How are you guys so small and almost nine months pregant?

This cute little girl is Macie Jones. I am so sad I haven't seen her in real life yet. AE's cousin Lexi had her baby a couple weeks ago and we are so happy for them. Sorry Lexi I had to steal this picture so I could share your cute little girl. You guys look like your doing great and we really can't wait to meet her!

That's about it and hopefully I will have more to update about sooner than later.

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