Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I voted

Well I voted and it felt good. Am I going to say for who? Not exactly because as great as it is to be an American, no matter who I voted for there are McCain haters and Obama haters and freedom of speech and what it means to be an american apparently goes right out the window. I started telling people who I was voting for and got told I was going to hell one to many times so I decided to keep it to myself (Don't assume I was voting for Obama and don't assume I was voting for McCain because there are plenty of both supporters in Utah). Anyway, besides all the crap I am still proud of myself for getting out there and leaving my print. I am also proud of everyone else who voted regardless of who you voted for. McCain gave the most gracious speech I have ever heard and it brought tears to my eyes. He put all differences aside and told everyone to support the new president. That is how our country should be. Obama's speech brought tears to my eyes too as he talked about the 106 year old woman who got out and voted and about his dear gma who never to see this moment. No matter what, history was made last night and I am proud to see a person of a different race in office. I did like one person's policies better than the other but I decided that no matter who won I would support them as our leader and all I care about is that the person who is put into office really makes a change for our country. Well there is my two sense. I am not writing this to offend anyone. (its sad that I have to write that)

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Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Hey girl! Actually I'm not pregnant thats funny though! I'm not sure you heard that from, you'll have to let me know. If it was from someone in your parent's ward though there might have just been some confusion because Jon's brother Jared and his new wife ARE pregnant! : )