Monday, September 22, 2008

Is it true?!?!

I think our tv is finally dying! We have been debating on getting a new tv for the past year now but our families kept giving us hand me down tv's. Well with no more hand me downs and with the picture going in and out today I think we might actually get to buy a brand new one.....At least we have an excuse right.


Anonymous said...

lol at least you have an excuse! We just bought one! Good luck tv shopping. . .it can get dangerious with the boys!

Tami said...

We have one-if you are interested! Love your blog!

Liz said...

Cassidy - did you get an invite to our blog? we just went private and of course I want you to still be in the know. email me if you need an invite lizcarr13 at yahoo dot com

Also when do we get to see pics of your new place?